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This program is aimed at providing hands-on experience in the field of structural design and analysis required by all engineering services provider companies who get work packages in this field outsourced from companies like Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, etc. to fresh engineers coming out from the engineering institutes. Industry always expects experienced engineers so that they can put them directly onto job from the first day of their employment. Therefore a fresh engineer does not have the opportunity to directly enter into established engineering organizations.

Industrial Internship program includes the following:

  • Exposure on design principles, hands-on experience on designing of engineering structures, with a focus on aircraft structures.
  • Training on stress analysis of Structural components.
  • Exposure on material / structural testing with hand-on experience on strain gauging, testing and correlation of analytically predictions with test results.
  • Training on engineering drawing preparation with 2D drafting & 3D model creation, hands-on experience on airframe structural component drawing & model generation.
  • Exposure to composite structures & fabrication of composite laminates using hand-layup technique.
  • Hands on experience of case -studies on aircraft component stress analysis and comparison of analysis results with hands calculations using strength of materials approach.

  • Note: Training fees will be applicable

    Who's it for?

    This program is suitable for engineering students in the domain of Aeronautical, Mechanical or Aerospace.
    Ideal for students who are on the look out for Industrial exposure, jobs or advancement of career in the field of Structural design and development.

    Exposure provided on:

  • SOM Calculations
  • CAD Modelling
  • Stress Analysis
  • Fabrication
  • Structural Testing

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