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Are determined to make India self-sufficient in Aeronautical Engineering Industry by "Design in India" approach

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How are we different?

In our country all aspects of aeronautical activities are being pursued by different companies. However there is no synergy so that we have not yet put a world class product (aircraft) in the market, especially a civil aircraft. Concerted efforts are being made by aeronautical organizations in this direction. As a private aircraft industry we want to start designing and developing a general aviation aircraft and sell it in the world-market. All the activities (conceptual design, structural design, analysis, fabrication, testing of the airframe and system integration and flight testing) will be carried out in-house. We will gather all the technical capabilities together (they are available in Bangalore) and bring in synergy in all the activities to produce a very efficient and economical aircraft.

Our vision is to meet all the civil aircraft requirement of our country by the year 2030

- Dr. P K Dash, Chairman, BAIL

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Author: Dr. P K Dash; Chairman, BAIL

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