Academic Project Work

As part of our goal, we are starting a preliminary study on 2-seater aircraft design and development. Our team has decided to involve engineering students to take part in the project activities as part of their academic project work. We are inviting students from Mechanical, Aeronautical or Aerospace engineering departments that are interested to participate in our study.


  • Aircraft Component Design.
  • Aircraft Component Stress analysis using FEM.
  • Strength of stiffened panels of airframe under combined axial compression, bending, transverse shear and torsion loads.
  • Fatigue life to crack initiation at a rivet hole in an airframe under service loading conditions.
  • Fatigue crack growth arrest capability of stiffened structures.
  • Durability design of structural components.
  • Damage tolerance design of structural components.

  • A basic level exposure on Aircraft structures, strength of materials, CAD, Finite element analysis and material evaluation is required for students to take part in the project activities. Our team will provide the required training to the students.
    Note: Fees will be applicable for availing the training.

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