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Our Vision and Mission


To meet all the civil aircraft requirement of our country by the year 2030.


Design, build and put civil aircraft in the global market. Run our own air-transportation service using our own designed aircraft, flown by our own pilots, trained in our own pilot training school, maintained in our own MRO hangars, by our own aircraft maintenance engineers, trained in our own AME training institute.

How are we different?

    In our country all aspects of aeronautical activities are being pursued by different companies. However there is no synergy so that we have not yet put a world class product (aircraft) in the market, especially a civil aircraft. Concerted efforts are being made by aeronautical organizations in this direction. As a private aircraft industry we want to start designing and developing a general aviation aircraft and sell it in the world-market.

Our Technical Capabilities

Static, Fatigue and Damage Tolerance Design of Airframe Components and Finite Element Analysis.


  • Thinking Big
  • Believing in yourself
  • Teamwork