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How our Training Program is different from others ?
This is designed to meet your real-life situation as a professional working in any company in its aircraft related projects. After undergoing this training program you will be able to say

"I will do the design for you"

As the name of our company implies, we plan to design, build and market our own aircraft in the world market some day. We have designed this training program to generate the design-man-power that we will need for our own aircraft industry.
Professional Training Program
We are a group of highly experienced (2 to 3-decades of experience) Scientists from National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL), Bangalore. And engineers from Hindustan Aeronautical Limited (HAL).

One of the long term challenges that our country will face is the non-availability of trained personnel to design and develop aircraft. There is an acute shortage of trained manpower in the field of aircraft design and analysis. Keeping this in focus, we are starting a training program in aircraft design engineering at Bangalore Aircraft Industries Pvt. Ltd. The training program will be designed to enable an average Mechanical B E graduate to feel confident that he can design a major aircraft component based on Strength of Material (SOM) approach, he can develop a realistic Finite Element Model (FEM) of the component and carry out static stress analysis, buckling analysis. He will also be confident in Fatigue and Damage Tolerance Evaluation (F&DT) of the component. There is also a possibility of hands on experience in fatigue and damage tolerance testing on a laboratory scale.
Engineering Intern Program
BAIL is glad to announce the Engineering Intern Program for the year 2017. This program will help the candidate to get an exposure on the aircraft structural engineering design cycle. The training will be conducted in our corporate office or at the testing and fabrication facility and you will be trained by industrial experts of BAIL. You will get a hands-on experience in

  • Design Calculation
  • CAD
  • Stress Analysis
  • Fabrication
  • Testing
  • Corporate Training Program
    BAIL provides corporate training programs to help professional for their skill development in the field of design & development of engineering structures/ Aircraft component design. The training program is provided by experienced professionals with decades of experience in aircraft design & development.

    Corporate training programs can be tailor-made according to customer requirement

    Following are the areas covered in the corporate training program:

    • Aircraft wing design
    • Fatigue Design & Aircraft Components
    • Damage Tolerance Design of Aircraft Components
    • Finite Element Stress Analysis of Engineering Structures/Aircraft Components
    • Geometric Modeling of Aircraft Components
    Academic Project Work
    Academic project guidance is available from highly experienced professionals in the aerospace domain

    Major topics covered for academic projects are:

    • Aircraft Component Design.
    • Aircraft Component Stress analysis using FEM.
    • Strength of stiffened panels of airframe under combined axial compression, bending, transverse shear and torsion loads.
    • Fatigue life to crack initiation at a rivet hole in an airframe under service loading conditions.
    • Fatigue crack growth arrest capability of stiffened structures.
    • Durability design of structural components.
    • Damage tolerance design of structural components.
    And many others that will include the ideas of the students.

    GFRP Composite laminate fabrication facility is available for supporting projects related to composite structures. Laboratory level test validation of design and analysis of structural features will also be carried out.