Products - BAIL
Universal Testing Machine (UTM)

  • In-house designed and developed Universal Testing Machine at BAIL
  • Maximum loading capacity up to 50KN
  • Manually controlled through hydraulic pump
  • Machine can accomodate test articles like metallic and composite coupons, rivetted panels, panels with cutouts for static testing
  • Integrated with data acquisition system to acquire load and strain data

Data Acquisition System
  • In-house designed and developed Data Acquisition System at BAIL
  • 10 channels, extendable up to 20 channels
  • In-built software to display load and strain data on the screen

4-Point bending test fixture
  • In-house designed and developed 4-point bending test fixtures
  • Adjustable span between loading and support points
  • Can be connected to hydraulic grips in the machine
  • Portable and easy to assemble and disassemble

3-Phase rotation tester
  • In-house designed and developed 3-phase rotation tester
  • Custom-built electrical unit to check the quality of motor winding

Pressure Grips
  • In-house designed and developed pressure grips
  • Movable wedge jaws for gripping purpose
  • Pressure controlled through hydraulic circuits
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble from the machine