About - BAIL
A Note from the Chairman's Desk
Our business idea is to set up a private aircraft industry to design, build and market civilian aircraft. Our mission is to meet all civil aircraft requirements of the country by 2030 and run a passenger-centric air-transportation services, with our own designed aircraft, trained in our own designed aircraft, flown by our own pilots, trained in our own flying school, maintained in our own Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) hangars by our own engineers, trained in our own Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) institute.

In our group, we have a set of aircraft designers retired from Hindustan Aeronautical Limited (HAL) with 3 to 4 decades of experience in aircraft design. Another set of scientists from National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL) with 2 to 3 decades of experience in airframe structural analysis and certification testing. We desire to leverage our group’s knowledge and experience in aircraft engineering to convert our business idea to a business plan and contribute India’s march to become a developed nation. Aviation sector, both civil and military, is booming in India. Our dream is to contribute to self-sufficiency in this vital industrial sector in India. We realize that our business idea requires huge funding to be converted to a high performance industrial enterprise. In addition the gestation period is also relatively large (7 to 10 years).

Our aim here is to develop the general aviation market in India, development of airports and its maintenance will form an integral part of our endeavor. A lasting contribution to our efforts will be the setting up an aviation institute to generate the talented manpower we need in our aircraft design and air-transportation service. We have very specific plans to retain our employees in our industry.

Our Vision:
To meet all the civil aircraft requirement of our country by the year 2030.

Our Missions:
Design, build and put civil aircraft in the global market. Run our own air-transportation service using our own designed aircraft, flown by our own pilots, trained in our own pilot training school, maintained in our own MRO hangars, by our own aircraft maintenance engineers, trained in our own AME training institute.

Our DNA:
Thinking Big, Believing in yourself and Team work.